First Chapter: How did I get here?

I come from being an executive with 10 years of experience, focused on getting results, reading leadership books, very focused on sales, customer experience and management … Does this sound familiar to you? But, after that period of working and learning, the company where I worked went through times of very complicated crises. And, all the values that the company had, values that I deeply shared, for being focused on the welfare of everyone, disappeared in the end and transformed all the dynamics that we had already consolidated.

The company ended up adopting a model according to which we only had to sell and reduce costs, which caused in me a feeling of suffocation that indicated that this was not the right path for me and, in addition, made me feel that the approach taken was not good for the company either, since it would make it smaller, with a fearful and distrustful staff, to which the company wasn’t paying any attention… and that didn’t seem to be reversed in the short/medium term, but apparently it would continue the deterioration of the company. So, even though I was only working in the business area, I made a proposal to the management team, I wrote an email in which I stated that I needed a person with the function of being with the team, listening and watching over their interests. A person who will accompany the team during the development, taking the best out of their talents… allowing the growth of the team within the company. And the result? This might not surprise you. They told me that I was crazy, that my only work was selling.

I can’t blame them for anything. Fear and ambition, who sometimes hasn’t had to face such situations and only seem one way, the wrong path of the short term? That happened to them at that moment… 10 years later and they are still trying to get out of there. If your company is tempted to change its deep values, those that made it advance and leave a legacy, just because it’s going through a complicated moment, I hope that this example…. like thousands of similar examples, will help you not to do it.

However, seven years later, that same mail arrived at the indicated hands ( …TO BE CONTINUED).

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